The new 3D illusory designs supposedly alerts drivers and makes crosswalks safer for pedestrians.

3-D crosswalks are popping up all over the globe! Cities in Canada, China, and France are trying out the new illusion based design, whose eye popping super stardom is meant to make them easier to see when you’re driving about. City planners say it forces speeding cars to slow down, making crosswalks safer for pedestrians! The new crosswalk costs about $3,000. Regular crosswalks, on the other hand, cost roughly $200. But can you put a price on safety, folks, that’s what I want to know! And can you put a price on cool illusions. The answer to both is quite obviously “no”.

Officials plan to place these in school zones to improve children’s safety, so be prepared to see these scrawled over every kid’s notebook. Sorry, 3-D cube! You’re yesterday’s trash! 3-D sidewalk, you’re joining the Stussy S in the halls of school yard legend! Hell yeah!

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