Hannah Hart Is Bringing Her Drunk Kitchen to Your Town!

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  • Who wouldn’t want a jolly and drunken (by occupation, kids) Hannah Hart bringing love to their very own hometown?

    Having built up a huge following of viewers and supports from her hit web series, “My Drunk Kitchen,” Hannah is now on a mission to launch her own “Hello, Harto!” tour, providing an opportunity to travel the country and meet her community of “Hartosexuals” – all while filming her own vlog and travel show to give us the inside scoop.

    The interactive, crowd-funded journey will find Hannah visiting your local establishments and maybe even your own kitchen! Everyone who donates gets the chance to provide the set of a brand new “My Drunk Kitchen” episode. Other perks include postcards from the road, e-marriage certificates (legit!), homemade cookies, and more.

    Support the adventure and find out more at Indiegogo!

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