CES 2013 Ambassador Felicia Day Shares Her Royal Insights Into The Future of YouTube

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  • Live from the Samsung SMART Studio, CES royalty, Entertainment Matters Ambassador Felicia Day, graces us with her presence and shares her predictions for how YouTube will develop in 2013.

    Fresh from winning two brand new IAWTV Awards for The Flog, our CES Entertainment Matters Ambassador is all ready to practice her royal wave – a skill set she never truly got to exploit in pageants while growing up in the South.

    But seriously, 2012 was not only a huge year for Ms. Day, who launched her own Geek & Sundry YouTube network, but also for the YouTube platform as a whole.

    “There was a watershed year in 2012 in that there was a tipping point of recognition from mainstream media and the acknowledgment that this is going to be something big,” she says. “This year is a lot of the business side moving in, so if you’re an indie person, you have to think really carefully about whether joining forces with a larger media company is in your best interests or not.”

    Now that the outlet is becoming much more solidified and trusted, Felicia notes that there will be a lot more money coming into the space.

    But it’s not all chit chat in the Samsung studio. In order to help Felicia fulfill her ambassadorial responsibilities, Shira and Ethan offer her a chance to put on her Judge Judy cloak and help sort out some major CES disputes involving douchebag behavior reform, swag bag returns, and creepy superfan confrontations.

    For the record, don’t knock on Felicia Day’s bathroom stall door or ever ask if her hair is naturally red!

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