SoldierKnowsBest On His YouTube Beginnings and New Gamer Tech at Samsung CES 2013

SoldierKnowsBest On His YouTube Beginnings and New Gamer Tech at Samsung CES 2013
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Live from the Samsung SMART Studio at CES 2013, SoldierKnowsBest aka Mark Watson talks about his start on YouTube and what most excites him at CES 2013.

    While this year, Mark is working with Revision3 and Ford to film inside looks at some of the hottest booths and displays in the tech world, we have to take some time to ask about his inspiration to join YouTube.

    It all started after Mark was commissioned for the army after graduating college and became obsessed with the newest smartphone developments. “I was looking to get the new iPhone,” he said. “I was on base and I watched a whole bunch of YouTube videos talking about it – the first iPhone.” Needless to say, he got his phone and from then on, started documenting his own experiences in video format.

    He contributes his success on YouTube to a lot of luck and the ability to remain persistent in putting content out there. “I think it’s a little bit easier to get the audience than to keep it,” he reveals. “You have to keep reminding them that they like [your content].”

    After he obsesses over new CES 2013 gamer technology like the VR headset, 4K TVs and portable gaming systems, we hit Mark with a tough round of our original SoldierKnowsBest-inspired game, “Soldier Knows Worst”! Check out how he sweats through the challenge in the video above.

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