David Blaine on Being Electrified By Reggie Watts and Upcoming Stunt Documentary at Samsung CES 2013
  • Last we saw endurance artist David Blaine, he was standing on a pillar in the middle of a million volts of electricity for 73 hours, but now he’s all healthy and joining us live from the Samsung SMART Studio at CES 2013, where he reflects upon the highlights of daring Electrified stunt and teases the upcoming documentary that showcases its success.

    What’s Trending was actually responsible for one of the major highlights of that experience! “Just as the sleep deprivation started to kick in, everything started to fall apart and I really did want to […] end it and suddenly, Reggie Watts shows up,” David says. “As soon as he started playing, all the pain just went away.”

    Also, check out our exclusive footage of Reggie Watts performing the coils that zapped David Blaine and our chat with David about his harsh prep before the big event.

    While David was deprived of food, water, and a bathroom for the entire time he was standing up and being electrified, he shares his crazy hallucinations and struggles trying to keep his body upright and functioning.

    Missed the major livestreamed stunt? No worries! David is teaming with VICE to release a documentary of everything that went down.

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