Camryn Performs “Now or Never” Live and Shares One Direction Tour Stories

Camryn Performs "Now or Never" Live and Shares One Direction Tour Stories
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Pop music sensation Camryn has released three singles, opened for artists like Greyson Chance, Cody Simpson and One Direction and she’s only 13 years old! Watch as she performs her latest single, “Now or Never,” live in the What’s Trending Studio, backed up by her (former metal) band!

    Camryn also took some time to share her tales of being on the road with One Direction and what’s in store for 2013.

    “I’ve been singing ever since I could talk but performing didn’t happen until about three years ago,” she notes. Now, as we kickstart the new year, Camryn is getting pumped to hit the biggest stages in Europe for One Direction’s “Take Me Home” tour. Not every 13-year-old girl can say that!

    Even though she has to deal with the pressure of facing jealous 1D superfans, she says, “I just try to have fun and hopefully they’ll Google me and realize, hey, she’s pretty cool!”

    Plus, the One Direction boys are all chill, according to their opening act. “They’re all super sweet and they always wish me luck before I go on,” she says. “I feel like I always run into them the most in the gym.” You have to build that stamina for high-energy performances. “I see Liam doing weights but I see Harry running on the treadmill.” But, of course, she’s focused on her own workout!

    One thing about her that her fans might be surprised to know is that most of her music crew has a metal music background, and now she’s trying to delve into different types of music. In terms of her inspirations, Camryn names Demi Lovato and Pink, citing their great vocal ranges.

    Finally, we challenge Camryn with a special game to test how much she knows about pop culture fads that existed before she was born. Watch below to see if you can match the answers!

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