“Back To The Future” DeLorean Hovercraft Is a Real Thing

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  • In June 2010, San Francisco-based inventor Matthew Riese created a Kickstarter to fund his production of a DeLorean-style hovercraft, designed to blow the minds of sci-fi fanatics and “Back To the Future” devotees around the world.

    He wrote on his Kickstarter page, “If you’re like me, when you saw the flying Delorean in Back to the Future, you thought, ‘I want one of those!'”

    Now that his work is complete and the vehicle is registered as a boat in the state of California, he’s taken his new creation for a joyride along the San Francisco Bay.

    Just to satisfy the curiosity of those Doc Brown lovers, Riese also confirmed that the craft will not be able to reach 88 mph (more like 45 mph) and he won’t be installing a flux capacitor. But this video of a hovercraft cruising along the water in front of the Golden Gate Bridge should be a pretty cool consolation prize!

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