“Saturday Night Live” Enjoys Ratings Boost with Navy SEAL Team Six As Hosts

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  • The Onion “reports” that as a part of a promotional push for the Oscar-nominated film “Zero Dark Thirty,” the elite squad of tactical commandos known as Navy SEAL Team Six were offered a chance to show off their comedy chops during a ratings-bursting episode of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

    After appearing in books, video games, and Hollywood films due to their heroic exploits in capturing and killing terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden, it was only natural that they made their way into the variety show genre. The Six were particularly impressive in famous recurring sketches such as “The Californians,” “What Up With That?”, and the Bill Hader-led Stefon bit on Weekend Update.

    But really, Bill Hader need to watch his back. Because dude can’t keep character and that’s just not acceptable.

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