MC Frontalot Promotes New Generation of Coders with “Nerd Life” Music Video

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  • Freshfrom NewRelicInc, MC Frontalot – the master of Nerdcore hip-hop – drops his newest hit, “Nerd Life,” in which coders and hackers are in the driver’s seat.

    New Relic’s site declares that 2013 is officially the year of the nerd: “‘Nerd’ used to be a negative term, but now it’s a badge of honor for millions of hackers worldwide. New Relic is devoted to enabling the new economy – the nerd economy – and we do it by building software that helps developers everywhere build even BETTER web and mobile software that’s changing the world…one line of code at a time.”

    Make sure you’re living the #NerdLife and download the MP3 here.

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