Bane Ends NHL Lockout with Epic Superhero Hockey Street Game

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  • As the NHL lockout is officially reaching its end, hockey returns a day early thanks to TheSeanWardShow‘s epic heroes vs. villains street game, fully captured in the video above!

    Chicago Bane travelled all the way to Toronto to officiate the match, which went down in front of the Air Canada Centre. “We take hockey from the corrupt, and give it back to you – the people”, he announces in a parody of the famous speech from “The Dark Knight Rises.”

    On the heroes team we have Toronto Batman, Spider-Man, Rogue, Gambit, and Toronto Maple Leafs Iron Man up against the villains Chicago Bane with Toronto’s Joker, Mystique, Catwoman, and Deadpool.

    For more viral superhero stunts from Sean Ward, check out Batman’s Night Out and Spider-Man VS Batman in Toronto.

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