“Noobz” Star Jason Mewes vs. Captain Sparklez in Ultimate Black Ops 2 Battle Live on What’s Trending

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  • Snoochie Boochies! It’s Jay Mewes live in the What’s Trending studio talking about his new competitive gamer movie “Noobz” – available on iTunes January 29! – what fans can expect from the just-announced “Jay and Silent Bob’s Groovy Cartoon Movie,” and how he’s not in good enough shape to play the Avengers game on XBox Kinect. Then he takes questions from fans, including the revelation of his first favorite video game – Dino Crisis!

    In “Noobz,” Mewes plays the manager of a video game store who’s training for a potentially life-changing Gears of War tournament with his fellow gamers. “We actually shot all day one day just playing Gears of War while they taped us,” he says. Not too shabby of a work day!

    Plus, he’s getting ready to release an animated follow-up to his “Jay and Silent Bob” cult favorite films with Kevin Smith. “He had a script that he had sitting on his shelf for a couple of years and he said, ‘Here, see what you can do with it,'” Jay tells us. “I went and got an animator and I started putting it together.” And now they’re preparing to share it with their devoted fans.

    When Jay told us about his new competitive gaming comedy, “Noobz,” we knew we had to have him show off his skills live on What’s Trending. And what better adversary for him than Jordan Maron, YouTube’s King of Minecraft and chief gaming expert. See the two of them square off in the latest edition of the massively popular “Call of Duty” franchise!

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