Internet Explorer Pleads to Children of the 90s in Nostalgic Ad

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  • Snap bracelets, Yo-yos, floppy disks, Lisa Frank school supplies, Tamagotchis, Hungry Hungry Hippos, should we go on? If you’re tickled by a distant memory of these once highly-coveted objects, then Internet Explorer wants you to watch their new commercial.

    The ad takes its best shot at convincing Gen-Y-ers that “The future was bright. You grew up. So did we.” Unfortunately for the web browser, as these twentysomethings grew up, so did technology, and they switched from desktops to laptops, chunky monitors to flat screens, dial-up to wireless, and yes, Internet Explorer to Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

    Whether you’ve stayed loyal to IE, are planning on giving it another shot, or would never turn back, this is still provides a nice trip down down memory lane.

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