My Drunk Kitchen’s Hannah Hart Shares “Hello Harto” Tour Scoop, Challenges Lance Bass With Blind Taste Test

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  • Hannah Hart is taking her wildly popular “My Drunk Kitchen” show on the road, and has already raised over $175,000 for her new travelogue show “Hello Harto!” on Indiegogo. She joins guest host Lance Bass and co-host Alison Haislip to talk about the inspiration behind the tour, her excitement about visiting the UK and Canada along with the US and announces for the first time her intention to continue traveling throughout Europe and even Asia on the tour! Plus Hannah and Alison make a side plan to cook chocolate souffle, or even just melt down some chocolate and eat it.

    “This is an opportunity to take all this positivity that I’m absolutely saturated with – all this encouragement – and kind of spread it around the states, and now the world!” Hannah says of her big upcoming tour “An aspect of the tour that I’m most excited about that most people don’t really recognize is that it’s actually a volunteerism tour as well. So instead of doing meetups at bars and stuff like that, we’re going to be doing meetups at charity events.”

    Thanks to all of the contributions she’s received, she’s excited to be able to visit fans all over Europe. “In terms of the southern hemisphere, if we make it to $200,000,” she adds, “we’re going to do Australia, New Zealand, and then I’m hoping a grand finale in Japan.”

    All of this jetsetting will also give Hannah the opportunity to connect with YouTubers she hasn’t connected collaborated with yet, like the VlogBrothers, John and Hank Green!

    Finally, we have to see how refined this drunk chef’s palate really is, so Lance challenges her to a blind taste test in a segment we totally didn’t just lift from “Hell’s Kitchen.” See how she does with mystery foods like avocado, Hawaiian Punch and more!

    Contribute to “Hello Harto!” on Indiegogo. Subscribe to Hannah on YouTube and follow her on Twitter!

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