PBS Wants You To Know That It’s Okay To Be Smart

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  • The PBS Digital Studios is launching a brand new series, It’s Okay To Be Smart, which they’re calling, “a show about science, but “probably not about science the way you’re used to it.”

    Every other Tuesday, host Joe Hanson will give viewers the rundown on a scienc-y topic and make it educational in a fun and engaging way. This first segment, entitled, “Life by the Numbers,” kicks things off by identifying humans as an intelligent species in the grand scheme of all living things on Earth.

    In response to the big undertaking, it seems that some YouTube commenters are a bit disillusioned with the content and format.

    Top commenter caprine23 writes, “I wanted to like it, but I was put off right away by the apparent attempt to define population “success” as quantity. The video was not especially funny, entertaining, or surprising. I felt it was too dumbed down for science nerds and too dry for people who don’t already enjoy science. I would suggest you narrow down your target audience and make videos for them, rather than trying to play to mass appeal.”

    Others are comparing it to YouTube’s famous Vsauce channel, which has a similar mission statement. But this is only the beginning. We’ll have to stay tuned for more!

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