“LOST” Star Dominic Monaghan Watches “You All Everybody” Covers

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  • Dominic Monaghan today stars on the BBC nature/travel show “Wild Things,” but he’s perhaps best known to pop culture junkies as Charlie Pace on the TV adventure series “LOST.” YouTubers have long been fascinated by Charlie’s lone hit single from the TV show, the ’90s-inflected rock tune “You All Everybody,” performed initially by Charlie’s band Driveshaft.

    After chatting with him live about his brand new series, we showed Dominic some of our favorite “You All Everybody” cover versions to get his reaction to them. It turns out, he had no idea the song had such a long life outside of the TV show!


    Previously on Lost



    You All Everybody (Black N White Pictures)

    Lego Lars – You All Everybody

    Watch Dominic on “Wild Things,” Tuesdays ay 10 PM ET on BBC America and follow him on Twitter!

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