Rochelle Diamante Performs “Queen Bee” LIVE and Offers Advice For Aspiring YouTubers

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  • Rochelle Diamante is only 18, but already she has millions of YouTube views and over 50,000 subscribers to her library of amazing covers. Now she’s leaving behind bedroom-set cover versions of pop songs and writing and performing her own original music (with backup dancers, no less!) Watch as she makes her What’s Trending debut, performing her original song “Queen Bee” (available on iTunes) live in our studio.

    The music sensation also sits down with Lance Bass and Alison Haislip to talk about getting started on YouTube, managing a big music career at the age of 18 and writing her own original songs after years of performing covers.

    With 10 million views and 50,000 subscribers under her belt, Rochelle has had her fair share of experience with amazing supporters and, unfortunately, the haters. “Once you get going, you have to really believe in yourself and believe in your talent and have your support around you so that way, those people don’t really affect you,” she advises new YouTubers. “Otherwise, have fun and show your personality and just interact with fans.”

    In terms of dream collaborations, Rochelle reveals that she would love the opportunity to work with one of pop’s most iconic divas. “It would be so cool to duet with Lady Gaga,” she says. “I love her creativity and originality.”

    Although YouTube loves her covers, it’s full speed ahead with producing original music. In fact, she’s working on a second single right now, called “Running,” which is set to be released in March.

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