KevJumba Previews New “Man Up” Movie and Shares How YouTube Prepared Him For Feature Filmmaking

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  • KevJumba – a.k.a. Kevin Wu – has been making YouTube videos for 6 years now, and is in the midst of a transition to writing, producing and starring in his own movies. His debut film, “Hang Loose,” is available online for just $5 right now, starring Kev alongside his fellow producer, Dante Basco. Kevin’s already hard at work on his next film, “Man Up,” which is coming soon.

    Hear Kevin talk about the challenges of making films vs. making videos and what drove him to want to get in to a film career. PLUS check out Kevin and Taryn re-enacting a favorite scene from the instant classic action movie “Fast Five.”

    When Kevin first received an offer from Dante Basco to come shoot a film in Hawaii under his production company, the path ahead was clear. You go shoot that movie with Dante! “He was my big brother through the whole process,” Kevin says of “Hang Loose.” “The movie is kind of about me and his relationship.”

    If you’re in the mood for a good laugh (and haven’t seen the hilarity already), you can buy and watch “Hang Loose” right now on the film’s website. As a creator in the digital age, Kevin is all about experimenting with distribution forms. “I don’t know the answer yet,” he says. “It took me six years to get OK at YouTube.”

    And he has YouTube to thank as the platform that allowed him to start producing entertainment and building a fanbase. “YouTube has helped me in every aspect,” he says. “It’s me creating little three-minute short films. So I get to write, direct, and be in them.” He also thanks his fans for giving him the confidence to branch out into making major films.

    And now he’s working on editing his sophomore major film effort, “Man Up,” which he co-wrote with Justin Chon from “Twilight” and the new movie, “21 and Over.”

    But, of course, he’ll always be putting videos up on his KevJumba YouTube channel and he even plans to follow up with his KevJumba Takes All show on YOMYOMF Network by launching another series with more scripted material.

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