Truly and Georgia from “Why Would You Eat That” Chow Down on Mopane Worms

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  • Mike Truly and Georgia McKay from “Why Would You Eat That” stop by What’s Trending to talk about the show’s origin, why one Earth they would eat these things and which part of the world has the most distasteful delicacies. Then, they bring out some dried South African Mopane Worms to share with hosts Shira Lazar and Ross Everett. It’s perfect for a light afternoon snack!

    “I’m not so much into the eating the weird stuff as why other countries eat what they do,” Mike says. “And then Georgia just kind of fell into it.”

    In fact, she’s not so sure why she’s still doing it, but she’s always up for the challenge. “I think the weirdest thing I ate was the live octopus,” she tells us. “It’s still wriggling. It has suction cups. It’s the thrill of – you can die while you’re eating this.”

    The WWYET stars move on to tell us about their most unpalatable experiences, including dining on some uni (a.k.a. gonads of sea urchin) and vomit-inducing, fermented shark in Iceland.

    So, how do they not gag during all of this? They both agree that most of the things that they eat don’t actually taste bad, but the idea of eating something so foreign to their standard cuisine is disconcerting. Shira understands as well, considering she’s eaten a live cockroach on our show with Food For Louis! (Catch up on that lovely segment right here.)

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