How To Be Daniel Radcliffe: A Video Guide By Daniel Radcliffe

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  • There’s no one better than Daniel Radcliffe to give YouTube a how-to guide on remaining grounded as a successful actor. For this task, the “Harry Potter” star teamed up with Bad Teeth – “home of the funniest comedy collaborations on YouTube. Featuring sketches, animations and pranks curated by celebrity guests, and the best that YouTube has to offer.”

    Throughout the process, we get to see some unexpected things from DanRad, such as his ability to curse and his inability to do a split. But enough about him. Here are three easy steps to keeping your cool in the burning heat of the spotlight:

    1. Show appreciation for your legions of stalker-y fans.

    2. Stay grounded (a.k.a. have your own personal Jake to make you feel inadequate, even if you’ve appeared naked on Broadway and kissed Emma Watson – though, not at the same time).

    3. Release all anger while bragging loudly about the A-list British actors that you have on speed dial.

    And there you have it. Enjoy your millions with ease!

    [h/t HuffPo Comedy]

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