Melanie Fiona Predicts Grammy Winners, Teases “Wrong Side of a Love Song” Music Video

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  • Two-time Grammy Award winner Melanie Fiona is up for her fifth award at this year’s annual ceremony in the Traditional R&B Performance category for her hit single, “Wrong Side of a Love Song.”

    Here in the What’s Trending studio, Melanie chats with Shira Lazar and Chester See about the song’s upcoming music video, her charity work, and predictions for this year’s big Grammy winners. Plus she answers questions from fans (some of whom want to know if she’s in a relationship!) and treats us to an impromptu a cappella rendition of “Wrong Side of a Love Song”!

    Shot in L.A. and directed by Lorenz Tate, the anticipated video for the “Wrong Side of a Love Song” takes “the true page out of my love story book,” according the R&B sensation. “Let’s just say it goes all the way there,” Melanie explains about how honest it is. “I feel like in order to show what the wrong side of love looks like, you have to show what the right side of love looks like. So be prepared to go there.”

    She insists that her new album “The MF Life” will similarly represent the highs and lows of life and love. “I just feel like that’s what we need to be talking about,” she says. “That’s what we feel. That’s what we live.”

    She’s also been performing with Michael Bolton to help promote his upcoming Motown covers album, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: Tribute Hitsville.” “My mom is in her glory that I am working with Michael Bolton,” she jokes. “She is the biggest Michael Bolton fan.” But it’s also exciting for the young artist, who reveals, “I feel like I’m working with a legend right now.” Maybe the two will do a comedic “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” parody a la Bolton’s The Lonely Island collaboration.

    In the realm of social good, Melanie was recently acknowledged by the Canadian Walk of Fame for her involvement with Canada’s Remix Project. As an active mentor and member of the Board of Directors, she helps schools facilitates arts programs for kids of underserved communities.

    “It’s such a great aid for the city and I feel like I gave back to home first,” she says. “These kids really go on to do great things.”

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