Astronaut Chris Hadfield Chats With Captain Kirk From Space

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  • The coolest guy outside of Earth’s atmosphere – Chris Hadfield – is a hit on the NASAtelevision YouTube channel, having already recorded the first ever holiday song in space and taught us how to clip our nails in zero gravity.

    Now the International Space Station is delivering a beautiful moment for pop culture fanatics everywhere by setting up a chat between Canadian Space Agency’s Hadfield and earthbound Canadian-born actor William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk on the “Star Trek” television series.

    Twitter followers were also invited to attend a tweetup at CSA Headquarters in St. Hubert, Quebec during the in-flight event Feb. 7.

    Check out the conversation that transpired to enjoy a landmark event for the sci-fi world and absorb some of Hadfield’s knowledge of space and expeditions to come.

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