Bridget Kelly Performs “Special Delivery,” Teases Her New Album and Talks Touring with Jay-Z

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  • Wrapping up Grammy week, R&B sensation Bridget Kelly returns to What’s Trending to perform her new single, “Special Delivery” and answer questions from fans about defining her R&B sound, what it’s like to tour with Jay-Z and why she wrote a whole album of breakup songs.

    With her successful EP “Every Girl” hitting the Internet and a full-length album coming out at the end of the year, Bridget Kelly is excited to be riding a new wave of R&B music that incorporates different genres, such as rock, jazz, and soul. “It’s R&B but it’s got a little edge to it,” she says of her album. “It’s a little rough around the edges, which is definitely me in a nutshell.”

    After having gone through a tumultous breakup and not taking it so well, Bridget reveals, “This album is the culmination of all those feelings and thoughts that I had.”

    Speaking of artists redefining the R&B genre, Bridget Kelly has also worked with Frank Ocean on “Thinking About Forever” and rocked “Empire State of Mind” on a massive tour with Jay-Z, who had major influence in shaping her career.

    “He’s probably the number one person that has given me the best advice,” she says, pointing out that he gave her the confidence boost to fill Alicia Keys’ shoes. “This is a New York anthem. You can carry this,” he told her. “You’re loud. You’re boisterous. Make it happen!”

    Also check out BK performing “In the Morning” live in the studio!

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