DJ Lubel Performs “The Women of LA” Live and Discusses The Art of Getting Rejected

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  • DJ Lubel and his backup singer, Jamie Adams, perform their latest viral smash hit, “The Women of LA,” live at the What’s Trending studio. Then DJ and Jamie chat with Shira Lazar and Beth Hoyt (a woman of New York!) about why LA women keep rejecting them, the importance of handjobs, whether or not DJ is YouTube’s answer to Woody Allen and how they organize these huge, star-studded music video shoots. (“The Women of LA” features, among others, Pauly Shore, Dennis Haskins, Jaleel White and Taryn Southern!)

    When asked about his inspiration for the song, DJ Lubel – the self-proclaimed Bob Dylan of not getting laid – fires back with some questions of his own. “What do I look like to you? Do I look like someone that has a lot of sex? Do I scream sexual charisma?” He continues, “This is a song about sexual frustration in Los Angeles when you look like Jon Lovitz butt-f***ed Andy Dick.”

    Jamie chimes in to explain that in New York it’s much easier to get laid, whereas the L.A. social scene poses some definite challenges. Having just released their “Women of LA” music video today, perhaps those video production skills might help the musical duo score some points with the ladies.

    DJ Lubel also uses this platform to once again declare his undyinh love for Rick Moranis. He laments that Moranis hasn’t really done a film since “Little Giants” or “Big Bully” in 1996, saying, “He was one of my favorite actors growing up and I think that he should be back in movies and it’s a damn shame.”

    Finally, the boys treat us to an impromptu, acoustic rendition of The Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.” Talk about how to steal a girl’s heart!

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