Rhett and Link Expose What Women Really Think Of Your Facial Hair

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  • In “KISSING YOUR FACE: What Women REALLY Think,” Rhett and Link enlist DailyGrace‘s Grace Helbig to explain why women are grossed out by beards and scruff.

    Though sporting some facial hair may make dudes feel super masculine and help them pull off that velcro-face party trick, it will more likely make people mistake them for a member of that underground dubstep country band, a middle-aged Civil War re-enactor or the guy who talks to himself at the park.

    It’s your choice, dudes. One good shave could mean the difference between a life of solitude in the forest and lengthy makeout sessions forever and ever.

    Let Rhett and Link know if you prefer to kiss big beard, scruffy face, or clean shaven by tweeting with #KissandTell.

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