Milo Ventimiglia talks “Chosen,” Sylvester Stallone, Geek Culture, and Plays Marry, ‘F,’ Kill

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  • “Heroes” and “Gilmore Girls” star Milo Ventimiglia joins us in the studio to chat with Shira Lazar and Jackson Harris about launching his new Crackle show, “Chosen,” playing Slyvester Stallone’s son, geek culture, and innovating online. (We also challenge him to a spontaneous Oscars-themed edition of “Marry, ‘F,’ Kill”!)

    Although he’s well established in the traditional media realm, Milo’s been embracing web entertainment since its pioneering days. He was one of the producers and stars of the “It’s a Mall World” short series, made for American Eagle Outfitters and starring Diana Agron, Sam Huntingon, and Amanda Loncar.

    Now, with shows like “House of Cards” on Netflix and his own “Chosen” on Crackle, people are starting to take the Internet much more seriously as the new platform of high quality entertainment.

    As the Executive Producer and star of “Chosen,” Milo explains the story: “This could really happen. What if a box shows up on your front door asking you to kill someone? And you don’t want to partake and you don’t know who it’s from, but if you don’t do this, they’re going to start taking things away from you.” Even when asked how he would handle such a situation, Milo couldn’t really say.

    But viewers don’t have to wait long at all to find out how his character responds, as Crackle is releasing all of the episodes at once. “I feel like a lot of people binge-watch,” Milo says, adding that he does the same himself, watching shows back to back and finishing a series all at once. “I think that’s how people are doing it. They don’t want to watch once a week and wait.”

    Back on broadcast television, he also has his new TNT series, “Lost Angels,” to look forward to being released this year. From “The Walking Dead” creator Frank Darabont, “Lost Angels” is based on the book “L.A. Noir: The Struggle for the Soul of America’s Most Seductive City” by John Buntin, following the true story of the 1940s and ’50s conflict between LAPD Police Chief William Parker and criminal kingpin Mickey Cohen.

    “I sat with the writers a few weeks ago and I saw what they had planned and it’s going to be intense,” Milo says. “Frank is not holding back.”

    Finally, based on his 2010 show, “Ultradome,” which takes geek culture and pop culture in a battle to the death – we challenge Milo to settle some of the biggest pop culture debates live! Who wins in a battle of James Bond vs. Terminator, Batman vs. Darth Vader, and Siri vs. Hal from “2001”?

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