DeStorm’s Epic 2013 Academy Awards Freestyle Rap Challenge

DeStorm's Epic 2013 Academy Awards Freestyle Rap Challenge
By Amanda Walgrove
  • After DeStorm performed his own hit song, “King Kong,” in the studio and chatted with us about his new mixtape, we dropped our own beat and challenged the music sensation to an Oscars-themed freestyle rap session!

    But while we had him on the couch, DeStorm chatted with Shira Lazar and Jackson Harris about his new mixtape, listening parties, and collaborating with Snoop Dogg, Ray William Johnson, and Chester See.

    As a bonafide YouTuber, DeStorm is still cranking out roughly nine videos a week, including his daily vlogs, video on his second channel, and a big music video on his main channel.

    He put out his mixtape last year as a gratitude for his fans. “I wanted to just give the people something for free for sticking around with me for this much time.”

    “Personally, it’s like a coming out party for me,” he says of these tracks. “It’s empowerment […] It’s not really talking about me. It’s talking about everybody,” he says of the big “I’m King Kong” lyric.

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