Is This Gallon Smashing Prank Really a New Trend?

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  • theCHAIZYchannel uploaded this video entitled, “Gallon Smash Prank! [Original],” accompanied merely by the caption, “We had to buy a lot of milk that day lol.” According to the New York Daily News, brothers Omar, Faysal and Zayd Khatib dreamed up this ridiculous stunt in which someone smashes two gallon-sized containers of juice or milk on the floor behind an unsuspecting customer at a grocery store.

    Having garnered over 2.5 million views since it was uploaded on February 15, the roughly three-minute video is prompting many to question whether or not this prank will be the next Gangnam StyleHarlem Shake, Tebowing, or planking craze. BostInno has even declared that it already is the next Harlem Shake.

    Though we’ve seen some copycats popping up around YouTube, hopefully, at least for the sake of grocery stores, many others don’t follow suit.

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