“Men of LA”: The Ladies Respond to DJ Lubel’s “Women of LA”

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  • Cracked responds to DJ Lubel‘s music video, “The Women of LA” with its own “Men of LA” spin-off.

    DJ Lubel’s anthem for SoCal dudes who can’t get laid caused quite a stir on YouTube this month for its outrageous lyrics, musical parodies, and amazing lineup of cameos, including Pauly Shore, Dennis Haskins, Jaleel White and Taryn Southern.

    But now, the ladies have something to say about the matter, namely, how the men of LA are only looking for one thing, and that ain’t settling down or starting a relationship. According the female stand-in for DJ Lubel, the intention of this parody was to “subtly reveal the misogyny in the ‘Women of LA’ video while also making off of the ad revenue from the traffic of the original,” but she eventually comes to terms with the idea that “doing video parodies of comedy videos is dumb.”

    Watch the whole debate unfold above and check out DJ Lubel performing “The Women of LA” LIVE on What’s Trending!

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