Kingsley Picks The Best and Worst Dressed of Oscars 2013

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  • YouTuber Kingsley joins Shira Lazar and co-host Ross Everett to dish and judge about the most fabulous looks and more head-scratching dress choices of this year’s Oscars red carpet.

    Giving everyone a classic school report card style rating, Kingsley’s worst dressed turned out to be “Les Miserables” star and award-winner Anne Hathaway, who was donning some Prada that showed off a bit too much of the “girls.” Giving her an “F,” Kingsley said, “She looks like she’s going to prom or something.”

    Amy Adams wasn’t too far behind with a “D” rating for her frilly Oscar De La Renta gown, which had Ross informing us that “They actually killed one of the Monsters from ‘Monsters, Inc.’ to make that dress.”

    Hollywood sweetheart and “Silver Linings Playbook” award-winner Jennifer Lawrence got Kingsley’s vote for best dressed in her Dior design. “She could wear a plastic bag and I would give her an A+,” he admits. “I would give her extra credit.”

    Then, of course, there were more controversial standouts like Naomi Watt’s futuristic Armani (“She looks like a Jetson kind of.”), Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen (“Was she in an accident?”), and a rather worse-for-wear Kristen Stewart who actually did have a bit of an accident and showed up on crutches, which, our viewers tell us should’ve been bedazzled. It still wouldn’t have helped that hair, though.

    Finally, Kingsley sounds off on JLaw’s clumsy and endearing fall up the steps: “I would’ve probably tumbled down the stairs and like laid there until someone came to help me.”

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