Max Schneider Performs “Never Let You Go” and Teases “Nothing Without Love” EP

Max Schneider Performs "Never Let You Go" and Teases "Nothing Without Love" EP
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Singer/songwriter and YouTube sensation Max Schneider stops by the What’s Trending studio to perform his original hit song, “Never Let You Go,” and take fan questions about his upcoming EP, “Nothing Without Love.”

    Having been working on his new record for a year and a half, he’s hoping to put the first single out in Spring and the full album out in the Summer. He’ll also be starting a Kickstarter soon for the big project.

    “The great thing about doing something independently is you really have the creative freedom to do what you really love doing,” he says.

    He promises uptempo songs that will keep your blood pumping as well as ballads that are similar to covers he’s done with fellow online sensation Kurt Hugo Schneider. An original song called “Never Gone” is a tribute to his grandma, who unfortunately passed away last year. “It’s all about just knowing that the people that pass away in your life, they’re never really gone,” he says. They’re always in your heart and your soul.”

    Though he confirms that he’s not related to Kurt – despite their shared surname – he does cite Kurt as his inspiration for jumping into the YouTube space. “It’s been a great way to really put music out there for the people who have supported me throughout the different things I’ve done.”

    Having recently released his own cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie,” Max says that he looks up to JT since he’s built such a successful career in music and even acting, while remaining a genuinely good guy. “No matter where you go, the talent and the kindness have to go together,” Max says.

    His advice for aspiring musicians looking to break out with great cover songs is to “pick something you love and put your take on it.”

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