Tiffany Alvord Performs “Baby I Love You” and Prepares For Her Upcoming Asia Tour with Malaysian Memes

Tiffany Alvord Performs "Baby I Love You" and Prepares For Her Upcoming Asia Tour with Malaysian Memes
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Singer/songwriter Tiffany Alvord stops by the What’s Trending studio to perform one of her hits, “Baby I Love You” from her second original album, “My Heart Is.”

    She also chats with Ross Everett and Joe Nation about her Times Square performance and prepares for her upcoming Asia tour with a “Singlish” challenge and some Malaysian memes.

    “I thought I would be more nervous than I actually was, but when I was there, I was quite calm,” she says of performing in the heart of NYC on New Years Eve. “I was just taking it all in.”

    While she says that her brothers are supportive and protective of her, she admits that when they were younger, they would definitely cause some trouble. They even cut off her ponytail!

    Speaking of supporters, Tiffany loves to engage with her fans on Twitter. She’s up to 33,000 tweets and is proud of knowing some of her followers by name. Many have been with her since uploaded her first video over four years ago  – a cover of “Bubbly” by Colbie Callait.

    Now, fans can follow her upcoming tour of Asia, in which she’ll travel and perform around Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

    She’s already been to Singapore for a YouTube Stars concert with four other artists. She says, “I don’t know what to expect from Indonesia or Malaysia, but I know that I’ve been requested to go there a lot, so I’m definitely looking forward to the experience and to see what it’s like.”

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