John Cena Gets Psyched For WrestleMania 29 Rematch with The Rock at Samsung SXSW 2013

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  • Twelve-time WWE World Champion John Cena joins What’s Trending at the SXSW Samsung Blogger Lounge to talk some smack about The Rock, tease WrestleMania 29 and share how he engages with fans on Twitter and YouTube.

    “WWE is doing a lot of cool things to be at the forefront of the ultimate fan experience,” he says. He attributes the brand and athletes’ major followings to the live show and experience. “WWE truly is an entertainment-based sports program that happens right before you.” Fans are invited to live through the second screen experience on the WWE app and engage with the content and other viewers before, during, and after the fights air.

    Cena admits that although he didn’t predict that he’d be involved in social media, being active on the networks has been an enjoyable experience. “They can tell that it’s me,” he says of his fans and followers, “with a sense of authenticity that I’m not on there 24/7 and I when I do tweet it gets a lot of traction.” He says that he tries to tweet once a day, three to five times a week, and only does so when he actually has something to say.

    Even branching into the YouTube space, viewers can look forward to seeing Cena play the dad of wacky online personality Fred in an upcoming movie!

    But back in the ring, there’s a serious matter still be settled. Last year Cena suffered a huge loss to The Rock after the match was hyped up with a lot of trash talk over social media, which Cena admits was part of his downfall. But it’s never too late for a rematch! On April 7 at the MetLife stadium, John Cena will face The Rock at WrestleMania 29 and this time, it’s for the WWE Championship! “This year, I’m going in with nothing to lose,” he says, while The Rock has to defend his title.

    Cena divulges another huge advantage: he can smell what The Rock is cooking. “Last year, he was cooking up a 30-pack of whoop ass,” he says. I think this year he may have got my mom’s recipe for humble pie.”

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