Teens’ Electric Fence Experiment Ends As Expected

Teens' Electric Fence Experiment Ends As Expected
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Spoiler alert: the result is rather shocking!

    Angus Fowles¬†uploaded his video, “Funny video of friends touching an electric fence – Electric fence experiment ends as expected” on May 25, 2012. While it has only 135,00o views, a more recent re-upload (and worse quality) version has gone viral this past week, surpassing 2 million views on YouTube and sharing these teens’ glory moment.

    Check out how it all comes together above. Angus provides a scientific explanation of what happens for those interested:

    The electric fence used was a pulse electric fence. It shoots an electric pulse every few seconds. Note the first in line is holding the electric fence for the entire duration of the film. He is standing on plastic which is an insulator, therefore the electric current couldn’t travel through the plastic into the ground so it just keeps going down the wire and not into the human chain. However, when the last in line takes of his shoes, it means the electricity can run right through the chain through his feet and into the ground. I have heard from other sources that the closer you are to the end of the line the more resistance you cause and therefore get the greatest shock.