Tony V Announces BlackBoxTV’s First Feature-Length Horror Film at Samsung SXSW 2013

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  • Tony V, creator of YouTube’s premiere horror channel, BlackBoxTV, stops by the Samsung Blogger Lounge at Samsung SXSW to reveal plans for his first feature film, set to be released later this year.

    Like many YouTubers, Tony had humble beginnings making videos in his kitchen and begging people to intern for him. But now he’s having his most successful BlackBoxTV season so far and using that coveted YouTube money to launch even more premium programming on his channel.

    “To see people watch content online that is not chasing SEO and that is sort of making its own path, it’s cool,” he says of working in the YouTube space with other major filmmakers like TotallySketch founder Michael Gallagher.

    “I think for me the thing that I love the most is anthology short-form storytelling,” Tony tells us. “There is a place to tell longer stories, but I feel like YouTube is very much about grabbing somebody, given them a visceral, emotional experience and then you’re out.”

    While some people may argue that lengthy content can be successful on YouTube, Tony continues to deny this, even as the platform is changing. “If you look at our analytics, people are still tuning out at 5:55,” he says.

    And now for some breaking news! “BlackBox TV will be releasing its first feature film in the next year,” Tony reveals and lays the bait for his hardcore fans. “It’s the thing that people demanded we make a film out of since the beginning of BlackBox.”

    Such a tease! What do you think the film will be about?

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