ShayCarl Talks “I’m Vlogging Here” Documentary and Maker Studios Evolution at Samsung SXSW 2013

ShayCarl Talks "I'm Vlogging Here" Documentary and Maker Studios Evolution at Samsung SXSW 2013
By Amanda Walgrove
  • YouTube’s most famous family man, ShayCarl, stops by the Samsung Blogger Lounge at SXSW 2013 to talk about raising money and meeting goals for his Indiegogo project, “I’m Vlogging Here,” the rise of Maker Studios on YouTube and – dun dun dun! – ending his daily vlogs?

    As an original founder of Maker Studios, which was established three years ago, Shay has pioneered the network model on YouTube. The company recently raised over $30 million in funding and now houses 350 employees.

    Shay always considered himself bonafide entrepreneur. “You can do what you want to do and you don’t have to do it on somebody else’s terms,” he says. “Even before I ever knew what YouTube was, I had my own granite countertop business.”

    Now, he’s raised over $200,000 for his upcoming documentary, “I’m Vlogging Here.” In the vlogging space, it can’t really be argued that Shay is the authoritative voice. “I’m on day three of year five of making a vlog every single day,” he says. “The documentary is going to be the story of not only how this became my job, but how this became hundreds of people’s jobs.”

    But don’t freak out about Shay’s recent announcement that he’ll be ending his daily vlogs! “It means I’ll make six videos a week instead of seven probably,” he says. “That’ll open up a lot of my time to do more projects.”

    And now the YouTube space is just going to keep expanding and taking over entertainment at a rapid pace. “What’s happened in the next five years will happen in the next 12 months,” Shay says. “It’s just on this curve that’s going to explode.”

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