Blake Lewis Talks “Portrait of a Chameleon” Album and “Your Touch” Internet Explorer Song at SXSW 2013

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  • Musician Blake Lewis stops by the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus at SXSW 2013 to talk about the new vibe of his upcoming album, “Portrait of a Chameleon,” and his song, “Your Touch,” being featured in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer ad.

    His single, “Your Touch,” is available now via Republic Records, with his album, “Portrait of a Chameleon,” available soon. Many may recognize the single from Internet Explorer’s Explore Touch ads.

    “This new album is definitely exploring sides of my musicality that I hadn’t before,” he says. “This is album is definitely the album that I’ve always wanted to make, which is like a hybrid of pop music and electronic music.” Some might call it “future pop.”

    Speaking of the album title, he says that its a metaphor for his own personality and artistry. “My whole album is not one style,” he says. I’m not one kind of person. I have many sides to me, many emotions.”

    Finally, the music sensation gives a shout out to his Blaker Girls and plays us out with an awesome beatboxing breakdown.

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