Playlist Live Scoop From Overly Attached Girlfriend, JacksGap, Tyler Oakley, Grace Helbig & More!

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  • Sure, the West Coast has VidCon, but once March rolls around, it’s the East Coast’s turn for fun in the sun with your favorite YouTubers at Playlist Live in Orlando, Florida!

    Planted in the center of the hustle and bustle, Shira Lazar catches up with online entertainment’s finest to get their reactions about the big YouTube lovefest. Check out what Overly Attached Girlfriend, Mike Diva, Jack Films, GloZell, DeStorm, Black Nerd Comedy, Lamarr Wilson, Mamrie Hart, and many, many more have to say about their fellow Internet filmmakers and what it really takes to be an online content creator.

    To see all of the individual shots, photo strips and videos from our photo book at Playlist Live, head to Flipbook Creations!

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