Danny Trejo Will Kill You In A Movie If You Donate To His Kickstarter Campaign

Danny Trejo Will Kill You In A Movie If You Donate To His Kickstarter Campaign
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Machete himself, legendary actor Danny Trejo, stops by the What’s Trending studio to chat with Shira Lazar and Milana Vayntrub about raising money for his “Snap Shot” film on, the three Bs of fantastic filmmaking, and the future of his “Machete” films.

    Marking Trejo’s second project with director Frankie Latina (Trejo previously appeared in “Modus Operandi”), the thrilling “Snap Shot” tells the story of a young, ambitious photographer who “gets caught in a harrowing labyrinth of intrigue and danger when the ‘wrong’ camera falls into his possession.”

    If you want to see this movie get made and don’t want Danny Trejo knocking on your door to threaten, you’d be wise to contribute to the film’s Kickstarter campaign now, as there are only three days left to fund it!

    In true Kickstarter fashion, adding your own bucks to the movie can come with perks like being an extra and being killed by Danny on screen. “There’s a long list of people that I’ve killed,” the actor jokes. Wouldn’t it be an honor to be on that list?

    “Hollywood’s been locked up for so long,” he says of traditional media production. “You’ve got to start somewhere. No one is going to hand this to you.” He believes that Kickstarter is perfect for following this method.

    Having established himself in the industry, Trejo is also able to lend him famous mug to indie projects and use the new experiences to hone his craft.”[On] low budget films, you have a lot of people that are trying to get into the business, that are just in love with doing this, and it shows,” he says. “And you can’t waste any time.”

    So, can we expect any follow-ups to the “Machete” films with Robert Rodriguez? “Next is ‘Machete Kills In Space’!” Trejo tell us.

    Whatever project he latches onto next, we know it will have to have a few key ingredients. “It takes three Bs to make a great movie: babes, bullets, and blood,” says Trejo. “If you don’t have those three Bs, don’t call me.”

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