Marquese “Nonstop” Scott Shows Off Dubstep Dance Moves In What’s Trending Studio

Marquese "Nonstop" Scott Shows Off Dubstep Dance Moves In What's Trending Studio
By Amanda Walgrove
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  • Internet sensation Marquese “Nonstop” Scott stops by the What’s Trending studio to show off his viral dustup dance moves to Skrillex’s “Kyoto.” He also chats with us about first learning to dance, working hard at his craft, and his YouTube videomaking technique.

    “I first became interested in dancing when I was 12 years old at a local skating rink and I saw a battle going on out in the middle,” Marquese says. “They would take their skates off and you can go and dance. That was my first time ever seeing dance.”

    While he makes those smooth motions look effortless, Marquese admits that it took him a long time to reach such a skilled level of dancing. “It wasn’t until 2003 that I moved to Atlanta and then I started linking up with other dancers that were doing the traditional style of popping,” he says. That’s when I started learning the proper way to dance.”

    So, how much of his success can be owed to hard work and how much to natural talent? “I would say 60/40,” Marquese says. “Everyone can dance but you have a body for it. You have to put time into your craft, just like with anything.”

    Although he’s a YouTube sensation now, Marquese reveals that he mainly started putting videos online so that he could track his own progress. But then he started seeing YouTubers and dancers incorporating different concepts and locations into their videos and he realized he could experiment with a whole new format to showcase his dancing.

    In terms of scouting locations for shoots, he says, “If I plan on shooting to a certain song, I’ll just get my camera and I’ll get in the car and I’ll just drive with that song on repeat.”

    Once he settles on a place, he clicks record and gets to dancing. “All of my videos that are on YouTube, they are all freestyle. I don’t plan anything ahead of time,” Marquese says. “Whatever the song tells me to do at that moment, that’s what comes out.”