“New Girl” Star Lamorne Morris Is a Frustrated Prince in “Black Rapunzel”

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  • “New Girl” star Lamorne Morris may be making waves as one of the funniest men on FOX, but he’s also using his comedy chops to gain traction on YouTube.

    Last year, he launched his “No Gold Anything” music video – a clever parody of Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything.” Now, he stars in the parody trailer for “Black Rapunzel” as a Prince who has a rough time rescuing his damsel in distress, because she happens to have an afro instead of long locks on which her Prince can climb. So much for Disney fairy tale endings!

    Check out Lamorne Morris chatting about season 2 surprises on “New Girl,” Zooey Deschanel’s bangs, and more in the What’s Trending studio.


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