Infected Mushroom Talks Coachella, 3D Fungus Amongus Tour and The Future of Dance Music

Infected Mushroom Talks Coachella, 3D Fungus Amongus Tour and The Future of Dance Music
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani and Erez Eisen of trance band Infected Mushroom stop by What’s Trending to chat with Shira Lazar and Ben Gleib about Coachella, their smash hit Fungus Amongus tour and the challenges of breaking into the US market.

    Although it’s common to see electronic groups relying on laptops and machines for music production, “We started as a live band,” Eisen says. So they have a full band, complete with guitarist, vocalist, drummer, and keyboard player. “People that know us, they know it’s live, unlike lots of other DJs.” And they compose all of their own tracks.

    Regarding the name Infected Mushroom, Duvdev reveals that they stole it from another Israeli band that broke up before the two emerged on the scene. Well, it was either this name or Bon Jovi.

    After building a substantial Israeli fanbase, the duo started to infiltrate other markets around the world, and then they planted themselves in the US and just kept building their following.

    “It’s kind of a 3D movie. A live concert without the glasses,” Duvdev says of the visually stimulating Fungus Amongus Tour. Along with the tour, “We’re going to beef it up a little bit for Coachella,” says Duvdev, citing new tracks and projections.

    “Hip-hop had the time, then it was rock before,” Duvdev says of the evolution of music trends. “Dance music was always here but now it’s that time. Dubstep brought it more to the mainstream.” The two also explain that the Trap genre is basically hip-hop without lyrics, but Duvdev predicts that lyrics will be added soon.

    Finally, he offers tips for viewers looking to break into the industry. “First, have your own sound and do as much music as you can,” he says. After some time, “People will notice it. You don’t have to have a label today. It’s everywhere.”

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