Snoop Lion’s “No Guns Allowed” Inspires League of Young Voters Non-Violence Campaign

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  • The League of Young Voters launched a “No Guns Allowed” grassroots campaign, inspired by Snoop Lion‘s song and music video of the same name, featuring Drake and his daughter, Cori B.

    After receiving an open letter from the League’s Executive Director, Rob “Biko” Baker, Snoop responded publicly via Twitter and aligned himself with the campaign, which is “aimed at decreasing violence by advocating for youth violence prevention programs and background checks on firearm purchases.”

    The League’s initiatives for “No Guns Allowed” will include circulating a non-violence pledge, a Causes petition supporting universal background checks and funding for violence prevention programs, celebrity PSA series, and live-streamed round-table discussions about the issues involved.

    Participants are also encouraged to share their thoughts, stories, and comments relating to gun violence via social media, using the hashtag #NoGunsAllowed.

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