YouTube Sensation Daym Drops Announces His Own Travel Channel Show, “Best Daym Takeout”

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  • The Travel Channel is rolling out some new programming for 2013, and look who made the list! YouTube’s most enthusiastic food critic Daym Drops will be “all up in your TV” screen with his very own show, “Best Daym Takeout.”

    Daymon Patterson, a.k.a. Daym Drops, first went viral with The Gregory Brothers’ auto-tune remix of his hilariously over-the-top Five Guys review, but he’s milking way more than 15 minutes of fame.

    In “Best Daym Takeout,” Patterson will travel across the country, tasting the best of big city establishments and small town shops all while offering up his one-of-a-kind commentary from behind the wheel.

    Daym writes to his loyal YouTube viewers:

    YouTube is my home and how we all grew together, so do not rent out my room anytime soon because I am here to STAY! I will do my very best to drop more reviews when I am not around the country filming for the show and again, sincerely everyone…..!!! THANK YOU !!! Let us show the world what YouTube Talent can REALLY do!!!!

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