What’s The Creepiest Thing You’ve Ever Seen?

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  • That’s a question posed by Reddit user Youdonotsay in an Ask Reddit thread today. Here are some of the best responses:

    From pineapple_warhorse

    Maybe not the creepiest, but what’s on my mind right now…

    I just moved into this house a year ago. There are child-sized handprints on one of my bathroom walls. Permanent handprints you can only see from a certain angle, like what water exposure does to paint. The previous owners have no idea what I’m talking about, and I don’t know how they got there.

    From Cleatus_glob

    My room had carpet when I moved in, and as time went by, I decided to remove it. To this, I found paint on my floor. First a dried drop of orange, followed by a strip of yellow. I found that the yellow strip was belonging to a handprint on my floor about the size of a little kids hand. Along with so many others in different colours. In fact, the only thing that wasn’t a handprint was that of a note scrawled onto the floor in red. All it said was ‘hello’.

    Didn’t sleep in that room for days after finding that.

    From fishfishfish

    I housesit for a family friend when she goes out of town. The woman who lives there is really into a bunch of spiritual stuff – new age stuff, reiki, etc. The very first time I was housesitting, I was outside watering the plants. I was the only one there and had closed the door after me. From the driveway where I was watering, I had a completely unobstructed view of the front door, the only door that was unlocked at the time. When I went back inside, there, on the little table next to the front door was a half eaten cookie. The table had been completely clear when I went outside and I hadn’t seen cookies that looked like that anywhere in the house. Nothing too creepy, but very puzzling and unsettling.

    When the woman returns, I mention it to her and she laughs and says she “gets ghosts all the time.” I’m a fairly skeptical person, but honestly, ghosts were the best explanation.

    The next time I was over, I was pooping around 10:30. The house itself is fairly old and creaks from time to time, but nothing too loud or disruptive. While I was pooping, there comes a single loud knock from the other side of the bathroom door. This wasn’t a little creak or pop from the house, it was a loud, determined rap on the door. It was enough to scare my poop back in for the rest of the night.

    The best story has to be this one, from WeaponexT

    Back in Highschool two buddies of mine, Justin and Paul, felt like getting into some dumb shit. We had always loved looking for abandoned mental hospitals, supposedly haunted houses, and the like. We went on one website that described something called The Purgatory House. The legend went that the family that lived there up and left all of their belongings in the house and never came back. The reasoning behind it was that the couple’s daughter had passed away in the house. The guys and I decided that we had to see it for ourselves, so we packed up the Code Red, Jerky, and Marlboro Menthols and we were off.

    It was a Friday night at around 2am when we pulled onto Purgatory Road. We had to hide my car behind some bushes, it was secluded but we still didn’t want any cops finding the car. When we got out we realized quickly that we should have brought more than one flashlight. It was about a mile walk up a dirt path with no light at all. No street lights, no moon, nothing. We kept the one flashlight off while we walked through the forested area so that no one would spot us from the distant highway. The first thing we came upon was a dilapitated shed. I was always the leader of our group (or more accuratly the idiot who had to prove he would do all the dumb shit my friends refused to do), so I headed into the small barn. Inside were piles of blankets and trash, like someone had been squatting. The part of the shed that disturbed me was that there was a reddish/brown stain across several of the blankets. I didn’t know if it was blood or cola or what but if it was blood, whoever it came out of was definatley dead.

    We moved on from the wierd ass shed and continued into the dark woods to the house. Without the flashlight my friends and I couldn’t see 3 feet in front of us. After walking for what felt like forever we gave up on the stealth and used the friggin’ light. As soon as we turned the light on, it was in front of us. It was startling that we literally saw no sign of it and then boom, 10 feet away. It was a two story house and was in shit shape. The over hang had fallen off and became a kind of deck and there was an entire wall missing. The yard was just as neglegted. There was overgrown foliage everywhere, so bad in fact that the two abandoned cars in the yard had trees growing out of them.

    As we headed into the house I took point. Paul decided to hang back behind Justin. He was so freaked out that he wouldn’t give up our only light. So I essentially had to stare at my shadow through our entire investigation. Inside the house, there was very little left of the belongings the original owners had left behind. The walls were scrolled with all the weird shit you would expect: red pentagrams, occult drawings, dolls hanging from the ceiling from tiny nooses. The most disturbing message was written on a wall upstairs that said daddy hurts mommy. We looked through the whole house from Basement to attic and nothing freaky happened until we went back downstairs into the kitchen.

    While the three of us were about to leave through the kitchen we heard what sounded like glass breaking in the living room. We were pretty startled by this but being the young dumbass I was I walked toward the noise (partially blind because my pain in the ass friend was still shining the only light into my back.) As we entered the living room we didn’t see any glass, but we did hear more glass breaking, this time it came from the exact spot in the kitchen we had just come from. We again went to investigate the noise from its new location and found no glass. At this point we were all on edge. As I turned around and faced the hall to the living room again I saw it. A tiny bottle dropped out of the air straight down and shattered at my feet. Keep in mind there were no holes in the ceiling for it to fall through or for someone to drop it from. It just hung in the air and dropped. At this point we decided it best to get our asses out of there in a hurry. We began to sprint through the dark woods back to my car and got the hell out of there. It took us a good while before we were ready to go exploring anymore abandoned places after that.

    Image via theweirdusmessageboard

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