Prancercise Creator Joanna Rohrback On The Viral Success Of Her Fitness Workout
  • Shira Lazar chats with Joanna Rohrback, the creator behind YouTube’s viral “Prancercise: A Fitness Workout” video, about her breakout online fame and the evolution of her wacky workout.

    “I’ve prancercised since ’89,” Rohrback says. “One of the things I started to do was power-walking with ankle weights on […] and one day I had my headphones on and I heard some really good music that got me goin’ […] and all of a sudden I got more rhythmic  and more accentuated, and more springy. And that was it!”

    “I never thought it would take a goofy interpretation of my video to make it viral,” she continues. “But that’s what it did!”

    Rorhback goes on to speak about what makes prancercising so effective as a workout and what she hopes for future of the prancercise empire.

    And to those who might be making fun of her dance in sharing it online, Rohrback says, “Bring it on!'”