A Stop Motion LEGO Mashup Of Harry Potter And Star Wars

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  • Brotherhood Workshop, a group of artists that specializes in short LEGO stop motion films, has a new video out featuring the characters of Harry Potter and a Rancor, the monster that appears in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Interestingly, the “Wookieepedia” has a long entry on the Rancor, describing it as a “large carnivorous reptomammal native to the planet of Dathomir.”

    Rancors were attracted to other rancor mates by a smell, or a pheromone. While it is known that rancors did care for their young—usually born two at a time—they did not suckle and hatched from eggs like those of a reptile. The 3 meter tall hatchlings rode the mother, one dorsal, one ventral, until reaching maturity, though despite this nurturing nature, it was not entirely unheard of for a mother to eat her young.

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