Felicia Day and James Isaacs Give Their Vlogging Tips And Talk Geek and Sundry Season 2

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  • To kick off Season 3 of What’s Trending, Shira Lazar and trusty co-host Ethan Newberry sat down with geek goddess Felicia Day and certified thumb wrestling vlogger James Isaacs to get the scoop on Geek and Sundry Season 2, looking like a vampire, and how Felicia enjoys working with her brother on the crazy “Co-Optitude” series.

    As her Geek and Sundry YouTube empire expands, Day is launching a brand new network of vloggers. “What excited me about this whole project was being able to find new voices and be able to feature people who I think are super cool. It was an excuse to comb YouTube for hours on end for months.” She’s already gathered a community of awesome people who talk about comics, cosplay, writing, thumb-wrestling, and a range of topics that they’re passionate and can share with Geek and Sundry viewers.

    “We started with seven vloggers and we’re adding a couple over the next month as well,” Day says. “We’re actually doing a whole vlogger search over the summer. So we’re actually taking applications until the 17th of June for 10 more vloggers to be added to the channel.”

    So, what does it take to catch the attention of Day and her team? “No matter what you love, just make sure you really, really love it and make sure you have a point of view that is unique and you think people will respond to.” She adds, “Talk about something that you really, really love that will translate to the Geek and Sundry audience.”

    While we had them on the hot seat, we also got Felicia and James’ best tips and advice for creating awesome vlogs, covering a range of topics from “Downton Abbey” and Comic-Con to “Law & Order” and and killer bees.

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