This Guy Actually Reinvented The Wheel

This Guy Actually Reinvented The Wheel
By Simon Owens

  • “All my life I’ve been an avid skateboarder,” David Patrick tells us in the intro to this video. “And I’ve reinvented the skateboard wheel.”

    The video is a promo for a new Kickstarter project Patrick launched to manufacture this wheel for the masses. In fact, the first run of wheels will be sent directly to those who donated $45 or more to the campaign.

    So how did Patrick stumble across this new design? “As crazy as this sounds, the inspiration for this wheel came from a cube,” he says. “I had figured out how to take six simple shapes and assemble them in such a way that it formed a perfect cube. One day, completely by accident, we dropped it on the ground, and it rolled. Not only did it roll, it kept on going … What makes our wheel perform so well is the sign wave pattern that it puts down to the ground. This pattern reduces the amount of surface area touching the ground, which causes the wheel to be very fast.”

    The promo includes several testimonials from skateboarders who tried it out, including one who claims the wheels “grip the road in such away that it feels like I’m sliding on the surface of a wave.”

    The donation goal was set for $10,000. It’s already blown past that and is sitting at about $20,000 as of this writing.