“Teen Wolf” Star Tyler Posey Shows Off His Tattoos And Shares Crazy Stories From The Set

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  • Tyler Posey, star of MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” joins Shira Lazar and Ethan Newberry in the studio to take fan questions about working on the series and tell hilarious stories about crazy fan experiences.

    “The abs,” is Tyler’s answer to why everyone loves “Teen Wolf.” Naturally. Even though he protests to showing us his abs because it’s summer vacation and he’s not working out, he shows us anyway.

    He also shows off his six tattoos, which include a tribute to Blink 182, thespian masks, his brothers’ names and a giant zombie hand.

    In terms of the perks of being a werewolf, Tyler says, “There’s advantages where you can easily save someone’s live and save your own life but theres’s a lot of disadvantages too.” He cites the loneliness and aggression that comes with that gift. And he would know. His werewolf prowess also almost earned him a gig as Jacob Black in the “Twilight” films.

    Tyler also shares some crazy moments on set. “I have a scene where I had to have my shirt off and my nipple hairs got a little long, and the creator of the show trimmed them himself with scissors,” he says. “I don’t grow any chest hairs, just like these big tassels.”

    While Tyler has never met the original Teen Wolf, Michael J. Fox, he does admit to revering the iconic actor. “Growing up, ‘Back To The Future’ was one of my favorite movies and still is,” he says. “I’m a huge Michael J. Fox fan.”

    Along with Fox, Tyler names his dad as his biggest inspiration for getting into acting. “My dad’s been an actor and writer since before I was born, so he got me into acting when I was super young.” He also names Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio as acting idols. “Anyone who was famous when I was six years old,” he says. “Because that’s when I got started.”

    Finally, we put Tyler’s wolf knowledge to the test with an epic segment of “Teen Wolf Trivia”!

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