Chinese Air Freight Handler Does Not Care About Your Stuff

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  • Not only is he mishandling the packages, but he’s not even getting them onto the conveyer belt, making for double the amount of work!

    Mark Bridgman uploaded this viral video of a Chinese air freight handler doing an unbelievably poor job of loading cargo onto a plane. Bridgman also peppers the footage with his own sarcastic commentary about the service he’s witnessing at Guangzhou Airport.

    He writes, “This was amazing to watch. I think I was the only one noticing what was happening outside the window of the plane, and this time I captured it. On a previous occasion I saw a load of Japanese sewing machines with ‘this way up’ and ‘fragile, handle with care’ stickers over the boxes also being thrown on to the conveyor.”

    [h/t Viral Viral Video]

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